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Barbara Ohlzelt Gruner Zobinger 2022

Barbara Ohlzelt Gruner Zobinger 2022

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Producer: Barbara Öhlzelt
Where: Kamptal, Austria
Grapes: Gruner Veltliner
Body: Light 
Category: White Wine

The Zöbingers are Barbara’s village-level wines, sourced from younger vines in vineyards scattered around her hometown of Zöbing. It has more texture and density than the liter and has an elegant, seamlessness and energetic mineral core to it. It has lift, is tad salty and refreshing and you will be reaching for the glass over and over. 

sustainable  //  native yeasts // woman winemaker 
2022  //  750ml // 12.5% ABV 


Barbara started her winery in 2004 in Kamptal, Austria. As a region that is known for its more angular and masculine wines, Barbara offers a fresh approach. Her wines are dialed in with precision. They offer a lighter, more refreshing and almost angelic rendition of the region. Her vineyards are never sprayed with herbicides or chemicals, following organic farming practices.

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