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Bojo do Luar Vinho Verde Doralice 2022

Bojo do Luar Vinho Verde Doralice 2022

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Where: Vinho Verde, Portugal
Grapes: 100% Loureiro
Body: Light
Category: Orange Wine // Skin Contact

The Bojo do Luar wines are a partnership between viticulturist Antonio Sousa and biodynamic producer Fernando Paiva. Doralice is made from 100% Loureiro, a semi-aromatic and acid driven white varietal that is native to coastal Portugal, and most commonly used in blends to make Vinho Verde. Here, the grapes see six weeks of skin contact in a fermentation that occurs with the addition of ground chestnut flowers. The flowers add a touch of bitters to this otherwise juicy orange.

Expect notes of tropical fruit, ripe melon, and citrus peel, with a light tannic structure on the finish. 

organic  // native yeasts  
2022  //  750ml
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