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Chateau Guilhem Merlot Pot De Vin 2021

Chateau Guilhem Merlot Pot De Vin 2021

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Where: Languedoc-Roussillion, France 
Grapes: Merlot
Body: Medium
Category: Red Wine

An easy-drinking option for Bordeaux drinkers on a budget. Medium bodied, herbaceous with red fruit.

Winemaker Bertrand Gourdou found a label searching through an old desk for a wine called "Le pot-de-vin" which, in French, translates to "the bribe". Turns out it was a label his great grandfather had made in the 1970s. This inspired Bertrand to make a natural but simple wine.

Organic + Practicing Biodynamic // native yeasts // low sulphites added
2021  //  750ml
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