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Djuce Meinklang Fizzy - Sparkling Rosé can

Djuce Meinklang Fizzy - Sparkling Rosé can

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Where: Burgenland, Austria 
Grapes: Zweigelt/Blaufränkisch/St Laurent
Body: Medium
Category: Sparkling Wine

Notes: Strawberry / Blood orange / Lemon

What words better describe this delectable rosé than, "Gulp, Gulp, Gulp". This joyful and easy-going wine is a celebration of what it means to be alive. Crisp, frizzante, zesty, and difficult to resist.

organic // unfined // vegan // low sulfites 
2022  //  250ml 

DJUCE is on a mission to reduce environmental impact by swapping out glass bottles for modern, sleek cans. It's time to say goodbye to the outdated bottle and embrace a unique, artistic can design that will inspire you to savor every moment of life.

Meinklang is a unique, family-run farm and wine producer located in the middle of the World Heritage Site of the National Park Neusiedlersee.
There, the family practices biodynamic farming, working with the native flora and fauna of the surrounding area.

Today the farm spans over 2000 hectares, but Meinklang is actually still exactly what one used to find everywhere in the region long ago: a multi-faceted, independent, and self-sufficient mixed farm run on gut feel and instinct.

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