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Where: Kamptal, Austria
Grapes: Welschriesling and Riesling
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Sparkling wine / Pet Nat

Light, energetic and authentic, with delicate yeast notes and aromas of gooseberries, apples and flint.

Serve chilled

Winemaking: welschriesling and riesling from clay and crystalline topsoil. welschriesling is whole bunch pressed, riesling grapes are added to the welschriesling-juice and cofermented for 10 days to gain more fruit and complexity. No added sulfites.

They make five to seven different cuvees each year, using different varieties. every wine is a co-fermentation with different grapes and different levels of skin contact. Each cuvee is numbered by "Volume" and the higher the "Volume“ the more skin fermentation was used.

Weingut Fuchs und Hase is an independent winery founded in 2014 by Stefanie and Alwin Jurtschitsch and Martin and Anna Arndorfer producing exclusively pet-nat wines. They are very good friends and spend a lot of time together, tasting together, and philosophising about wine over a beer. After learning about pet nat in other countries (none was made in Austria at the time), Martin and Alwin decided that they wanted to try to make some together. They went and shared their idea with their wives, and it turned out that Stefanie had already made one two years earlier as an experiment!

They are currently working with about three hectares total, each family contributing fruit from one and a half hectares, which are all certified organic and in the Kamptal. They chose to work with vineyard sites that are high elevation, near the forest, sites that have natural acidity and lower alcohol. In Austria, there is a saying, "where the fox and hare say goodnight" and it refers to a remote place surrounded by forest, which is how they came up with the winery name, the Fox and Hare, or Fuchs und Hase.

organic // minimal intervention // woman winemaker

2022  //  750ml  // ABV 11.5%
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