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Ovum Big Salt Orange Rose 2023

Ovum Big Salt Orange Rose 2023

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Winemakers: John House and Ksenija Kostic 
Elkton, Oregon

Grapes: 50% Pinot Gris, 50% Skin-contact Big Salt (Riesling, Gewürtraminer, Muscat)
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Rose / Orange Wine 

Big Salt “Orange Rose” has a cloudy, orange amber hue. The nose is an earthy
dance between the ginger, turmeric notes of skinzy Pinot gris, and the tropical island vibes
of skin contact Gewurz and Muscat. It’s like stirring a mandarin creamsicle into a glass of
hibiscus ginger tea.

organic  // native yeasts // woman winemaker
2023  //  750ml  
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