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Perrault-Jadaud Vouvray Pétillant Naturel 'Haut Les Choeurs' 2020

Perrault-Jadaud Vouvray Pétillant Naturel 'Haut Les Choeurs' 2020

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Where: Loire, France
Grapes: Chenin Blanc
Body: Medium
Category: Sparkling Wine / Pet Nat

Fresh and crisp, with a lively and persistent stream of bubbles, this Petillant Sec features notes of lime and orange blossom on the nose, with hints of vanilla and sandalwood. The palate is fresh and lees-y with a clean and bright finish.

Pronounced “Ho le koor,” 100% Chenin from a 3 ha, single parcel of organic 40 year old vines planted on clay/limestone soils. Tanguy and Anne-Cecile make this Petillant Sec using Methode Ancestrale; grapes are pressed and fermentation begins in both tank and barrel. The fermenting must is then bottled with about 20 grams residual sugar. The partially fermented wine completes fermentation in bottle, creating bubbles. The wine is kept sur latte (on the lees) for about 18 months before disgorgement.

A rough translation of Haut les Choeurs would be “hearts up" or “keep your hearts high" or the equivalent of “keep your chin up.." It's an old-fashioned cheer you give to exhort people to do well. On approche du sommet! Allez, haut les cœurs! = We're nearing the top! Come on, keep your chin up!

organic //  native yeasts //  vegan // woman winemaker
2020  //  750ml  
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