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Scotty Boy! Love The Hand That Klongs You 2021

Scotty Boy! Love The Hand That Klongs You 2021

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Where: Santa Barbara County, California
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Orange Wine / Skin Contact

nose: citrus blossoms, jasmine, white grapefruit rind

palate: lemon cream, apricot, green apple. in short, adult lemonade; in a word — emotions

from the winemaker:

sometimes great forces of the cosmos, like fate, or coincidence, or just plain raw experience, seeing something, listening to music, discovering a work of art, reading unexpected literature, or drinking unexpected wine —

sometimes these forces just gather up and KLONG you out of your complacent drifting somnambulist trance, waking you up to amazing things that you have never thought or thought possible — making you aware of things that might help you live your best, most enjoyable life —

in which case, you must: LOVE *THE HAND* THAT KLONGS YOU!!!

Sustainable // native yeasts // no sulphites added // unfined + unfiltered // vegan
2021  //  750ml // ABV 13%
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