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Tensley Syrah Lite 2021

Tensley Syrah Lite 2021

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Where:  Santa Barbara, California, USA
Grapes: Syrah 
Body: Medium/Full
Category: Red Wine

Joe Tensley is a master of Syrah in Santa Barbara County. This is a special bottling for his New York importer, one of the best deals in our Californian set. Made with a shorter maceration period this is still a fairly full-bodied red, but quite as intense as Tensley's other examples of Syrah, hence his "Lite" wine. The grapes are farmed under practicing organic methods. Fermentation is done naturally with wild yeasts. No filtering or fining and the only thing added is a small degree of sulfites for stabilization.

Notes of spiced berries and a touch of olive and tea.

organic // native yeasts // no filtering or fining // vegan 
2021  //  750ml 
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