Fio Wines Glou Glou Orange

Where: Mosel, Germany
Grapes: Pinot Blanc and Müller-Thurgau
Body: Light
Category: Orange Wine // Skin Contact

Balanced blend of acidity and fruitiness. Burst of citrus, orange peels and a touch of orange blossom and lime zest. Super refreshing wine. 

This wine is a harmonious blend of Pinot Blanc and Müller-Thurgau varietals, embodying the rich winemaking tradition upheld by the collaborative venture of the Kettern and Niepoort families known as Fio. With a commitment to organic farming practices, every bottle reflects the essence of its terroir, delivered through meticulous crafting and an eye for quality. The spontaneous fermentation process, carried out in a mix of stainless steel and traditional fuder and doppelfuder barrels, lends a unique character to this wine, making it a must-have for connoisseurs seeking a taste of German excellence.

organic  // native yeasts  
2023  //  750ml  
Pair with grilled shrimp or seared scallops

Bojo do Luar Vinho Verde Doralice 2022

Where: Vinho Verde, Portugal
Grapes: 100% Loureiro
Body: Light
Category: Orange Wine // Skin Contact

The Bojo do Luar wines are a partnership between viticulturist Antonio Sousa and biodynamic producer Fernando Paiva. Doralice is made from 100% Loureiro, a semi-aromatic and acid driven white varietal that is native to coastal Portugal, and most commonly used in blends to make Vinho Verde. Here, the grapes see six weeks of skin contact in a fermentation that occurs with the addition of ground chestnut flowers. The flowers add a touch of bitters to this otherwise juicy orange.

Expect notes of tropical fruit, ripe melon, and citrus peel, with a light tannic structure on the finish.

organic  // native yeasts  
2022  //  750ml
Pair With: Tapas - think appetizers and bite-size snacks like Antipasto Bites, Cheesy Beef Empanadas, bacon wrapped dates

Antonio Lopes Ribeiro Bolinha 2020

Where: Dão, Portugal
Grapes: Field blend - Malvasia-Fina, Encruzado, Bical, Cerceal-Branco, Tamarez, Barcelo, Malvasia-Rei, Fernão- Pires and many more
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Orange Wine // Skin Contact

Truly delicious orange wine. This is made from a field blend of white grapes grown at high altitude at the foot of the Caramulo mountains. They are co-harvested and co-vinified, spending two months on skins before being aged in steel for one year. The results is staggering - pronounced aromatic herbs, thyme and rosemary, alongside citrus and stone fruits and a beautiful salty finish. 

Made by the wonderful couple Sara Dionisio and Antonio Lopes Ribeiro, who started Casa de Mouraz in 2002 when they moved back from Lisbon to Antonio's native town of Mouraz in the Dão region. They aim to showcase their unique part of the world, and create wines that gently speak of their sandy granitic soils, their microclimate between two mountain ranges, and their unique collective energy. 

biodynamic // native yeasts  
2020  //  750ml
Pair With: Grilled asparagus

California Stars Love Me Love Not 2023

Where: Lodi, California
Grapes: Chardonnay and Muscat
Body: Light / Medium
Category: Orange Wine // Skin Contact

organic // native yeasts  
2023  //  750ml

Pray Tell Orange 2023