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2022 Iruai Lounge Lizard Rosé

2022 Iruai Lounge Lizard Rosé

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Where: Etna, California, US
Grapes: 80% Tempranillo / 20% Grenache
Body: Medium
Category: Rosé Wine


Drink chilled

Pronounced “ear-oo-eye", here's what the winemakers have to say about this wine: Proudly dancing to the beat of its own steel drum, what was intended to be a light and simple rosé, decided to wander. Our lackadaisical rosé ferment hero took nearly six months to go dry, and along the way it rode bareback on a wild mare through an alpine valley in bloom, dined on every untamed blackberry thicket crowding the full winding length of the great lazy river, and crawled on its hands and knees into a cozy rabbit den to wind away the night to the hoots and plucking of a better than average woodland critter jug band. Well...after a long hibernation with those anthropomorphised critters, our rosé ferment finally went dry. We named it 'Lounge Lizard,' because of its laziness, but we mean that as a compliment. In tarot parlance, the 'Lounge Lizard' would be 'The Fool,' and we could all use a reminder to let our inner 'Fool' flag fly: cast off the worries of the world, if only for a bit of day drinking.

The '22 'Lounge Lizard' Rosé is wild, rocky, and bounding with a just-pied-in-the-face frisson of big blackberry energy. Enjoy in the sun, in good company, and in quantity.

organic  // native yeasts // unfined + unfiltered // vegan
2022  //  750ml 
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