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2022 Iruai Shasta Cascade Red

2022 Iruai Shasta Cascade Red

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Where: Etna, California, US
Grapes: 40% Trousseau / 25% Pinot Noir / 20% Gamay / 10% Mondeuse / 5% Blaufränkisch
Body: Medium
Category: Red Wine

Drink with chill (put in fridge 30 mins before opening)

NOTES: Marionberry . Mezcal . Luxardo Cherry . Smudge Stick . Violets

Pronounced “ear-oo-eye", here's what the winemakers have to say about this wine: Born out of the mythical wine growing region I’ve taken to calling the Shasta-Cascade (from the Siskiyou Wilderness in the mountains of far Southern Oregon, down through the colliding cascades and Trinity Alps that give rise to the mysterious Mount Shasta). This wine is a love letter to our winery’s wild new home in Scott Valley, pioneering a sense of place that channels a vast mineral range, a savage elevation, and a generous beauty. Trousseau brings the blood orange tang, Monduese adds high toned black fruit and a peppery perfume, while the Gamay rounds things out with a bitter kick and savory structure.

organic  // native yeasts // unfined + unfiltered // vegan
2022  //  750ml 
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