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Barbara Öhlzelt 'Gruner Leader' 2023

Barbara Öhlzelt 'Gruner Leader' 2023

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Producer: Barbara Öhlzelt
Where: Kamptal, Austria
Grapes: Gruner Veltliner
Body: Light 
Category: White Wine

Mouthwatering acidity, green apple, lime zest, light minerality and sunshine.

The Grüner Leader is from a combination of all of Barbara’s Grüner vineyards with an average vine age of 30 years.

sustainable  //  native yeasts // woman winemaker 
2023  //  1L  // 12% ABV 


Barbara started her winery in 2004 in Kamptal, Austria. As a region that is known for its more angular and masculine wines, Barbara offers a fresh approach. Her wines are dialed in with precision. They offer a lighter, more refreshing and almost angelic rendition of the region. Her vineyards are never sprayed with herbicides or chemicals, following organic farming practices.

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