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Cyril Zangs Ciderman

Cyril Zangs Ciderman

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Where: Normandy, France 
Fruit: Apples
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Cider

This isn't your typical sweet cider.

This is a dry, ageworthy, fuller bodied, classic brut cider.

330mls of old orchard goodness from up to 69 varieties of apples native to Normandy – some of which have yet to be identified. Cyril and his team harvest apples from the trees rather than from tarps on the ground after they fall. Picking this way ensures that only the best apples are selected for their ciders. The fruit ages for another 6 weeks in small crates before being grated, pressed into juice which ferments naturally with minimal racking in vats for 6 months. The bottles are filled with the unfiltered juice, crown capped, and laid horizontally to capture the co2 from the continued natural fermentation. They are then stored in A-racks and are riddled frequently for at least three weeks. Even these half bottles are riddled and hand disgorged! Nothing is added during the process.

Sustainable // hand harvested // no additives 
2021  //  330ml // ABV 5.5%
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