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Fabien Jouves Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees 2023

Fabien Jouves Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees 2023

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Where: Occitanie, France
Grapes:  MALBEC and MERLOT
Body: Medium
Category: Red Wine / chillable red 

This wine is super fresh – and as the label suggests, it it’s a party in your mouth.

This red blend of Malbec and Merlot is fruit forward with cherry notes, mild acidity and just the right amount of tannins.

Great chilled. 

biodynamic // native yeasts  // Vegan
2023  //  750ml  

Fabien Jouves is from an old farming family in Causse and became a winemaker in 2006 when he created his first cuvée, “Mas del Périé”, on the highest slopes of Cahors.

Jouves’ estate, 21 hectares in the junction of Quercy and Cahors, was selected to highlight the many expression of Côt. Reinforcing this is Fabien’s commitment to biodynamic viticulture that respects “life, plant, man, and the environment.” Following biodynamic agriculture adds strength to his terroir by supporting the whole environment from the vines to the animals.

The vinification is completely natural without any oenological inputs. His wines are then aged in concrete vats, barrels, or casks, according to its characteristics and personality.

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