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Gabernik 23 White Piquette

Gabernik 23 White Piquette

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Where: Štajerska, Slovenia
Grapes: 40% Riesling - 40% Yellow Muscat - 10% Rizvanec (Müller-Thurgau) - 10% Muskat Ottonel
Body: Light
Category: Sparkling Wine / Piquette

Low ABV 7%

Tangy, tart, and refreshing. Hints of coriander and nutmeg with fresh, white floral notes.

The focus of the Gabernik ‘pikolas’ (or piquettes) is to make that perfect summer/post-harvest thirst-quenching drink. One that is low in alcohol but carries just enough to make things interesting!

Nick took the pressed skins of the white blend, which includes Muskat Ottonel, Riesling, Rizvanec and Yellow Muskat, then added a bit of water back to the pressings to extract any remaining sugar. The water-laced must began to ferment naturally and after five days was pressed to tank. He then blended a little more than 1/3 of the total volume of fermented juice with unfermented juice to continue the fermentation. When the ferment approached the final stretch it the wine was bottled to finish the fermentation in bottle, giving the brilliant light-sparkling nature of the concoction.

sustainable // native yeasts // vegan
2020  //  750ml  // ABV 7%
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