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Las Jaras Wines 'Waves Botanical Spritzer' 2021

Las Jaras Wines 'Waves Botanical Spritzer' 2021

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Winemaker's notes "The WAVES Botanical Spritzer has aromas of grapefruit, juniper, cardamom, clove, yellow peach and white cherry. The palate shows white cherry and apricot, juniper, air of the forest, and grapefruit, with subtle notes of brown spice. There is a robust sparkle and racy acidity and a long finish of grapefruit. We think of this spritzer as being similar to a Campari with soda and would be perfect over ice or straight out of the can."


Las Jaras Wines


White Wine Spritzer

75% Grüner Veltliner, 15% Albariño, 10% Chenin Blanc and botanical blend (all organic angelica root, juniper, rose buds, green cardamom, grapefruit peel, rosemary, coriander, Douglas Fir needles, anise, star anise, and lemongrass)

California, USA




In early 2021, Joel, Eric and their wives went to the Mendocino coast for a couple of days to rest, recharge, and find new inspiration. Prior to this trip, Eric had been saying that a WAVES spritzer would be perfect in his golf bag, but Joel was not sure it could be done while keeping the classy vibe and high quality that we expect from the brand. During this trip, inspiration struck and they figured out a flavor profile they could trial. Joel, Jen and Eric spent the next 18 months trialing blends and the packaging until it was perfect. This project took a long time to bring together, but they are ecstatic about the results.

WINEMAKING: The Gruner Veltliner ripened late in the windswept hills of Monterey County, just outside the Salinas Valley, it came in on September 16th 2021. The Albariño and Chenin Blanc were from the 2022 vintage. All vineyards were hand-picked and whole cluster pressed, with no skin contact. We separated the juice into a light and hard press fractions which each saw a 10ppm sulfur addition. After settling for a day, we racked each fraction to a new tank for fermentation and vinified separately. The wines started fermenting naturally after about seven days in stainless steel vessels. We aged the individual wines on their lees, when we racked and blended the wines a week before canning. The wine was macerated with its botanical mix for a period before being filtered, diluted and then spritzed up. The wine was filtered prior to canning.

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