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Milan Nestarec 'ATYP' 2021

Milan Nestarec 'ATYP' 2021

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Personality: Red, young, bright, feisty, ready to be drunk now. “Aromatic and quite atypic, if you ask me… Ideal for all you atypical people out there, and guys like me who have a hard time containing their passion within ranges and limits, ” Milan says.

Making of: the grapes were hand-harvested in 2021, all together, gently stomped and co-fermented in open-top vats, on skins until the end of primary fermentation. About 8 months on lees in plastic vats. Bottled in Spring 2022, no fining, no filter, no sulfur added.

Winemaker’s note: “Atyp is something like our own “Brutal” – a platform for all our craziness/experimentation/fun. I still, after all these years, can’t say no to a beautiful old vineyard, so we often end up with some new material in the cellar, usually asking for a different kind of attention than our established wines. Or I have these impromptu tasting moments in the cellar, when I randomly taste a nascent wine and its singularity literally obliges me to release it on its own, right now, because, f*ck the system. This means that the future of Atyp can hold many different things – from new fieldblends to a micro-lot, or a new method, or anything really. (Yay!) Atyp is a platform for our own discovery – we are lucky enough to have the space to try, learn and sometimes gawk with our mouths open. No borders for Atyp. Anything is possible. Who decides where the limit is?”

Label funfact: “The name and label are a spontaneous affair, too – we were considering solutions both wild and tamed, but then everything fell into place, just as I like it. I had this Atyp sticker on my desk for a while, ever since it dropped from a typography book by Petra Dočekalová. One day, on a whim, I stuck it to a nearby unlabelled bottle, and then basically every visitor who came and saw it asked me whose wine it was. So I thought, ha, I’ll make it mine! Luckily for me, the true Atyp typeface author & owner Tomáš Brousil of Suitecase Type Foundry agreed to let me have a bit of his AtypTM too. So there you go, the total package: spontaneous wine, spontaneous label.”


Milan Nestarec


Red Wine

red-white fieldblend of Blaufrankisch, Portugieser, St. Laurent, Moravian Muscat and Gruner Veltliner & a mix of unknown grapes (both Vitis Vinifera and PiWi hybrids)

Movaria, Czech Republic



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