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Moritz Kissinger '0 ohm' White 2021

Moritz Kissinger '0 ohm' White 2021

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Where: Rheinhessen, Germany 
Grapes: 50% Pinot Blanc 50% Chardonnay 
Body: Medium
Category: White Wine 

Salty and textured, this blend of pinot blanc and chardonnay tastes like a vibrant and fresh white from Jura.

The “0 Ohm” wines are what could be called the “estate wines,” a red and a white that, as their “0 Ohm” name implies, ripple with energy and bounce. An “Ohm,” if you’ve forgotten from your high school science class (as I had), is a measure of electrical resistance. In the case of both the red and the white, there is no resistance to this energy, this current

organic // native yeasts 
2021  //  750ml  

While Moritz is a fourth-generation winemaker, he is only the second generation in his family to bottle his own wines; his father began before him in 1986. The family estate is about 14 hectares total, though Moritz is only farming around two hectares at the moment for his own production. While this will likely grow, for the moment these are very rare bottles of wine. The estate is located in Uelversheim, a village in the Rheinhessen located in the eastern part of the central Rheinhessen. You can define it by where it is not: Uelversheim is south and slightly west of the Roter Hang and the famous village of Nierstein. Uelversheim is north and slightly east of Westhofen and the sites made famous by Keller in the south.

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