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Stolpman Love You Bunches Red 2022

Stolpman Love You Bunches Red 2022

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Where: Santa Barbara, California
Grapes: Sangiovese 
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Red Wine

Bright red raspberry, red currant, rhubarb, and violet.  Refreshing to the max but bone dry with just a kiss of fine tannin. 

Great with a chill. 

practicing organic // native yeast // no sulfites added // woman owned 
2022  //  750ml  // ABV 12.5%


We began producing Carbonic Sangiovese in 2013 in an effort to make a fresh, lighter version of Sangiovese.  Sangiovese as a grape, is both highly tannic and high in acid – a one-two combination that often creates a rough, rustic profile when drunk young. Before we experimented with carbonic fermentation, we intentionally picked Sangiovese on the ripe side to allow for the tannin and acid to soften.  Then, we aged the wine in barrel for 30 months and another 6 months in bottle to allow the acid and tannin to integrate with the wine’s mid-palate flesh.  

Carbonic Fermentation doesn’t extract the Sangiovese’s tannin because the grapes ferment whole, uncrushed in a sealed tank.  Because we aren’t worried about under-ripe, coarse tannin; we can pick earlier, at lower sugar and rely on high, refreshing acidity for finishing balance in the absence of tannin.  Because we don’t need to wait for integration, we bottle the wine within a few months of harvest, locking in the fresh profile. 

In 2016, we re-branded Carbonic Sangiovese “Love You Bunches” – a pun for the gentle “loving” treatment of the whole grape bunches to keep the grapes intact through fermentation.  Of course, the simple, whimsical label is the perfect fit for this fun, happy wine.  The label shows off the beautiful penmanship of vineyard manager and Grape Whisperer, Ruben Solorzano.

A cold spring led to a moderate summer without significant heat spikes through harvest.  Over-all, 2021 harvest arrived late, with traditional reds beginning to hit peak ripeness at the end of September and through October.  The even weather forecasts allowed the team to jump on early Love You Bunches picks to capture energetic acidity.  We then strategically spread out harvest dates to achieve a spectrum of ripeness through the end of October. 

Serve cold! 2021 strikes a wonderful balance between the fleshier, warmer 2020 vintage and the more angular, high-toned 2018 and 2019 versions.  Riper red berry fruit sings over the tart finish resulting in a pleasurable, quenching crunch.  A perfected adult version of Sour Patch Kids candy.  A floaty fleshiness develops by the second glass – which, btw, arrives quickly – with some mellowing watermelon notes on the mid-palate.

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Stolpman Vineyards was founded by husband and wife team Tom & Marilyn Stolpman. On their honeymoon in Napa Valley, Marilyn put the wild idea into Tom’s head about one day owning a vineyard. In 1988 their search for limestone near the ocean ended with the purchase of what is now Stolpman Vineyards in Ballard Canyon AVA of Santa Barbara County. In 1994, Ruben “the Grape Whisperer” and his wife Maria Solorzano became the vineyard managers at Stolpman – employing a year-round team and empowering them through mentorship and a profit sharing program. Tom’s son Peter joined the family business in 2009 after working for a reputable wine distributor. Since he joined the team, he took back the majority of the vineyard for wine production rather than selling the grapes. He also helped increase Ruben’s La Cuardilla profit sharing program for the vineyard workers to 10% of all Stolpman production. Stolpman Vineyards’ story is reminiscent of the early pioneers of American winegrowing. They started with a dream of cultivating land with their family, included all of those who maintain the land into the family, and produce world class wine initially through trial and error and evolving to hone their skills through collaboration.