The Marigny Pinot Gris Carbonic Maceration 2022

The Marigny Pinot Gris Carbonic Maceration 2022

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Where: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Grapes: Pinot gris
Body: Light/Medium
Category: Orange Wine / Skin Contact

From the winemaker, Andy Young,

In the fall of 2016 everyone said carbo on Pinot Gris was an insane idea. By the spring of 2017, this wine was sold out with a waiting list. TBH, not much has changed since then, as this wine is arguably our biggest crowd pleaser. 7 to 14 days of carbonic maceration on Willamette Valley Pinot Gris from some of our favorite sites in both the northern and coast-leaning parts of the AVA. A perfect intro to “orange” or skin contact styles, this wine ends up somewhere between adult Tang and an Alpine day dream.

organic //  native yeasts //  vegan
2022  //  750ml  // 12.1% ABV

Andrew Reginald Young left behind a career as a New Orleans rock drummer in 2012 to make low-intervention wines from cooler climate vineyard sites in the Willamette Valley. He works with a lot of carbonic maceration to keep the wines light, all fermented with native yeasts and minimal intervention in the winery. The name of the winery is an amalgamation on his middle name, Reginald, and his neighborhood growing up in New Orleans, St Tammany Parish. 

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