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Wild Arc Farm 'The Lemon of Pink'

Wild Arc Farm 'The Lemon of Pink'

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Where: Hudson Valley, New York 
Grapes: Piquette and Riesling infused with Lemon Basil and Sumac 
Body: Light 
Category: Sparkling Wine 

Wild Arc’s first Botanical Spritzer! Piquette and Riesling as the base, fortified with a bit of grape spirit and infused with Lemon Basil grown on the farm and foraged Sumac.

Personality: Lemonheads candy with some stonefruit and a little green herbaceousness.

Making of: The botanicals were infused directly into two tanks of the base wine for 3 months before being strained out and blended. The wine was then bottled with organic wildflower honey and bottled to referment. S02: 20ppm at crush

organic + sustainable //  native yeasts
NV  //  750ml 
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