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Yetti and the Kokonut 'B'Rose' 2022

Yetti and the Kokonut 'B'Rose' 2022

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Where: South Australia - Australia 
Grapes: 20% Sémillon - 20% Muscat à petits grains - 15% Pinot Blanc - 15% Pinot Meunier - 15% Riesling - 15% Cabernet Franc
Body: Medium 
Category: Rosé Wine

Energetic magenta. This is a highly aromatic but layered and complex über-rosé. Aromas of crushed red plums with figs, fresh raspberries, and hints of blood orange and lemon zest announce themselves on the nose. The palate is uplifting with full-flavored tones echoing the aromas and a little touch of vanilla bean and melon coming through with whispers of flowers along the path. The finish is high-toned and quite exuberant and bursting with fun and joy.

The B’Rosé is the product of the b’romance and making a Barossa rosé (b’rosé) between Dave & Koen. These two friends really love making wine together and smashing bottles all the same.  Thus, this is the perfect wine for popping corks and crushing bottles, anytime of the year.  The components of this wine have changed every vintage but the idea of making a delicious mélange of red and white grapes with the most ‘delicate’ of handling has remained the same.  Regardless of where ‘home’ is for these grapes, chasing a fresh line of acid congruent with fresh fruit forwardness is the calling sign for ‘B’rosé.

Organic // native yeasts 
2022  //  750ml
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